For Multi-User Licensing: Please contact David Fienup via the “Contact” link on this website.

Quick Look:

  • Files: 154
  • Size: ~1.92GB unzipped
  • Format: WAV
  • Fidelity: Mixed, 96k/32bit + 48k/24bit
  • Channels: Mixed, Mono + Stereo
  • Metadata: Embedded using SoundMiner

Dog Breeds:

  • German Short-Haired Pointer
  • German Shepherd
  • Border Collie
  • Dotson
  • Jack Russell
  • Jack Russell Chihuahua
  • Maltese Shih Tzu
  • New Guinea Singing Dog
  • Shih Tzu
  • Weimaraner Puppy
  • Yellow Lab
  • Terriers
  • Yorkshire Terrier
  • Pit Bulls
  • Mutts & other unidentified dogs

Dogs is a wide-ranging collection of small, medium and large dogs, barking, growling, sniffing, chewing, yelping, whining, whimpering, playing, playful fighting, walking, running, scampering – even some snoring and gut-bubbling digestion sounds!

There are cute and adorable sounds, vicious and ferocious sounds, in-your-face sounds and subtle sounds. We have dogs walking on wood, various hard surfaces, carpet, and going up and down stairs. We even have New Guinea Singing Dogs, recorded at a zoo in Illinois, which “sing” an odd howling sound.

Best yet, there are 14 exterior ambience tracks that contain dog barking, ranging from right next door to very distant neighborhood dogs. And most of those are 96k/32bit stereo ambiences!

Included in this collection are a few studio-recorded Foley sounds including dog/cat collars, dog nail walking sounds, and squeaky toys.

THE COLLABORATION: David Fienup, of Soundopolis, recruited Steve Sholtes, of SholteSound, to help capture as many different types of dogs and dog-related actions as possible. These two “brothers-in-sound” have worked on numerous projects together doing both location audio and post-audio. Steve is an experienced location sound mixer, boom-operator, sound editor, sound designer, and composer. He does it all! Find out more one his website:

The main “Dog Actor” in this library is Sholtes’ dog Charlie, a German Short-Haired Pointer. Charlie is a big-ol dog, with a ton of personality, and a true canine’s instinct to bark at everything that moves – to protect his buddy, Steve, of course. Charlie will be very-well rewarded for his efforts on this library – belly rubs, treats, and a happy home! 

This library is an interesting collection of sounds recorded in many different situations. Some come from random locations that Dave and Steve have been to on film and commercial shoots. We are always looking to grab a few extra sounds for ourselves when we are on location. Some sounds are staged in home studios, bedrooms, or just chilling around the house with someone’s dog. Sometimes we just had a shotgun mic and recorder on hand, sometimes a Sony PCM handheld stereo recorder, and sometimes a stereo mic and recorder.

Special thanks to our past interns for grabbing some additional sounds: Andrea Blankstrom & Brendan Lamb.

Special thanks to Robert Langley! A few of the sounds came from locations where Robert and Dave were PSM and Boom-op (respectively) on independent feature films, and we just happen to have trained dogs on set. We were able to capture a few sounds on the side!

Check out the track list for more details.

This collection provides some new and interesting sounds, as well as a ton of variations so your soundtrack never gets old! All Soundopolis tracks include metadata tags so they are easy to find using any search engine. Collections come in easily downloadable zip files.


UCS Update: New purchases of Dogs come fully equipped with UCS metadata and filenames. Previously purchased copies can also be updated.

Soundminer Users: To update your old version to the new UCS metadata, create a new database, scan in your copy of the collection, change the "Manufacturer" metadata column to say 'Soundopolis' (without the quotes, and capitalize the first 'S'), select the "Database" dropdown menu, and select "Lookup Metadata from Cloud".  Once the metadata is done updating, you can select all of the files, right click on them, and select "Embed Selected".  NOTE: THIS WILL CHANGE THE FILE NAMES!!!  If this action will impact older projects that use these sounds, it is your responsibility to save a copy with the original filenames somewhere so as not to impact those projects.

Other Update Options: Below are two zip files.  One is a text file with all of the metadata generated by Soundminer.  The second is that same information in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.  These should help if you use a program other than Soundminer.  For directions on how to update your particular program, please consult with the manufacturer's website.  Soundopolis only uses Soundminer, and is not familiar with the metadata updating procedures of all of the other programs available.