Gore Toolkit HD

Gore, Horror, Combat Slash, Stab, Punch, Royalty Free Sound Effects

For Multi-User Licensing: Please contact David Fienup via the “Contact” link on this website.


  • Audio Files: 139
  • Audio Clips: 798
  • Size: 687.9 MB unzipped
  • Format: WAV
  • Fidelity: 96k/24bit (x536 clips), 48k (x262 clips)
  • Channels: Stereo

Gore Toolkit HD has everything you need for your bloody, gory, action/horror/sci-fi adventure. If you need body damage sounds, you’ve hit the jackpot here.

Fresh Gore! is a collection of 536 sound clips on 93 audio tracks - recorded, edited, and delivered as 96k/24bit stereo WAV files. The collection includes blood, intestines, bones, flesh, punches, squishes, goops, splats, chops, tinks, chews, stabs, crunches, tears, sawing, some blade sounds, and so much more. I mean I terrorized so much produce and a large ham that there’s probably a warrant out for me!!! And I couldn’t help myself after demolishing coconuts to record the classic “coconut horse trotting” sound… Bonus!

Fienup’s “Classic” Gore This is a whole other batch of sounds from earlier in my career, consisting of 262 audio clips on 46 stereo audio tracks, recorded, edited, and delivered as 48k/24bit WAV files. These sounds are straight out of B or even C-horror films. Don’t get me wrong - these sounds still serve me well in every action/horror film I work on! The “Classic” gore consists of more blood, bones, flesh, punches, smacks, chops, crunches, snaps, squish, squirts, splats, oozes, whooshes, and even a rubbery/stretching sound. Between these two collections you are set for almost any kind of combat sounds you need!

This collection provides some new and interesting sounds, as well as a ton of variations so your soundtrack never gets old! All Soundopolis tracks include metadata tags so they are easy to find using any search engine. All tracks were recorded, edited, mastered, and packaged as 96k/24bit or 48k/24bit wave files. Collections come in easily downloadable zip files.

UCS Update: New purchases of Gore Toolkit come fully equipped with UCS metadata and filenames. Previously purchased copies can also be updated.

Soundminer Users: To update your old version to the new UCS metadata, create a new database, scan in your copy of the collection, change the "Manufacturer" metadata column to say 'Soundopolis' (without the quotes, and capitalize the first 'S'), select the "Database" dropdown menu, and select "Lookup Metadata from Cloud".  Once the metadata is done updating, you can select all of the files, right click on them, and select "Embed Selected".  NOTE: THIS WILL CHANGE THE FILE NAMES!!!  If this action will impact older projects that use these sounds, it is your responsibility to save a copy with the original filenames somewhere so as not to impact those projects.

Other Update Options: Below are two zip files.  One is a text file with all of the metadata generated by Soundminer.  The second is that same information in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.  These should help if you use a program other than Soundminer.  For directions on how to update your particular program, please consult with the manufacturer's website.  Soundopolis only uses Soundminer, and is not familiar with the metadata updating procedures of all of the other programs available.