Nature's Fury: Thunder

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  • Audio Files: 142
  • Audio Clips: 142
  • Size: 2.36 GB unzipped
  • Duration: 2h:14m:54s
  • Format: WAV
  • Fidelity: 48k/24bit
  • Channels: Stereo

Nature’s Fury: Thunder has three separate categories: Thunder, Rumble, and Thunderstorm.

Nature’s Fury: Thunder

  • 67 tracks, 32m:30s

This portion of the library contains tracks labeled “boom”, “crack”, and “rolling”. The labeling helps to separate the various sounds into categories, but there is a lot of gray area between them. “Boom” thunder sounds more like an explosion. “Crack” thunder sounds like “typical” thunder - imagine a bolt of lightning from the hand of Zeus. And “rolling” thunder just has the rumbling tail without a definitive initial crack.

Nature’s Fury: Rumble

  • 48 tracks, 17m:13s

This portion of the library is Fienup’s favorite! These 48 tracks were designed from low rumbling thunder. Through the processes of iZotope DeNoise and Spectral Repair, and running them through ProTools with API EQ and MaxxBass, he was able to deliver some great source material: gnarly rumbling sounds without all the rain, birds, traffic, and other extraneous sounds you often pick up recording storms! These will be great for getting your subwoofer working into overtime, and add some really great low-end to your thunderstorms. There is a whole lot of variation since each sound was taken from a unique raw thunder track – unique to the library in fact. None of these sounds are duplicates from Nature’s Fury: Thunder. Nature’s

Fury: Thunderstorm 

  • 27 tracks, 1h:25m:11s

This portion of the library contains raw thunderstorm tracks, except for the removal of some birds and wind-chimes of course – HOW ANNOYING! These are great for your starting point. Find your favorite track, which already contains your rain and thunder, and then add individual Rumble, Thunder, and Wind tracks for those great filmic moments!

File Delivery – Why 48k and not 96k? This collection was recorded over many years. Throughout those years I flip-flopped between recording at 48k and 96k. While on the road, with only one device, I would often record at 48k so I wouldn’t run out of space before returning home. The problem with recording storms is that you watch the weather, set up microphones 30 minutes to an hour before the storm hits so you can get the oncoming, distant storm, and then wait for an hour after the storm passes to get more distant storm sounds. That can fill up your memory pretty fast when you’re in places like Chesterfield, MO, where high humidity causes very lengthy and powerful storms. I was in a bit of a dilemma when putting this library together. I had both 48k and 96k files. I certainly didn’t want to up-res all the 48k files to 96k and claim it was a true HD library. After all, a sound file is only as good as its recorded sampling rate. So, I went the other way: I decided to down-res the 96k files after all of the editing, processing, and mastering were done so that all files were in the same format. Down-resing to 48k also makes the library quicker and easier to download.

Nature’s Fury has been sound designer David Fienup’s passion for over 5 years. Over the past 5+ years, David has been obsessively recording thunderstorms, rain, and wind wherever he goes. These sounds come from Ann Arbor, MI; Boyne City, MI; Detroit, MI; Chesterfield, MO; Virginia Beach, VA; and several other locations – often just pulling over on the side of the road somewhere... Fienup’s tenacity with carrying around a stereo recording device, whether it be his Sony PCM D50, D100, or Sound Devices 702T, has paid off in huge ways. He has risked his life and his gear to capture some of Nature’s most Furious moments! In fact, his PCM D50 was knocked over so many times recording these sounds he had to buy a D100 to complete the library. Fienup has always been awestruck by the very power of thunderstorms saying,

“Thunderstorms beat at your chest, your heart. You can’t beat back a thunderstorm. The sheer power of this natural phenomenon reminds us that we are a part of Nature, but we do not control Her. Thunderstorms are so rich with sound: from the wind whipping through trees, to the rush of water pelting the ground, to the crack of lightning and the deep rumble of thunder; it’s one of the most complex natural sounds on our planet. Easily my favorite soundscape.”

Variety is very key to this library, as it is for all Soundopolis SFX collections. The various locations and microphones used have contributed to a library that should cover you for whatever sound you’re looking for. Whether you need cold, sharp rain, or fat, splatty rain - you will find it here.

This collection provides some new and interesting sounds, as well as a ton of variations so your soundtrack never gets old! All Soundopolis tracks include metadata tags so they are easy to find using any search engine. All tracks are delivered as 48k/24bit .wav files. Collections come in easily downloadable zip files.



UCS Update: New purchases of Nature's Fury: Thunder come fully equipped with UCS metadata and filenames. Previously purchased copies can also be updated.

Soundminer Users: To update your old version to the new UCS metadata, create a new database, scan in your copy of the collection, change the "Manufacturer" metadata column to say 'Soundopolis' (without the quotes, and capitalize the first 'S'), select the "Database" dropdown menu, and select "Lookup Metadata from Cloud".  Once the metadata is done updating, you can select all of the files, right click on them, and select "Embed Selected".  NOTE: THIS WILL CHANGE THE FILE NAMES!!!  If this action will impact older projects that use these sounds, it is your responsibility to save a copy with the original filenames somewhere so as not to impact those projects.

Other Update Options: Below are two zip files.  One is a text file with all of the metadata generated by Soundminer.  The second is that same information in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.  These should help if you use a program other than Soundminer.  For directions on how to update your particular program, please consult with the manufacturer's website.  Soundopolis only uses Soundminer, and is not familiar with the metadata updating procedures of all of the other programs available.