Spring Newsletter 2013

Hello Soundopolis friends,

It's been a very busy end of winter/beginning of spring.

First off: there are some great deals going on at Soundopolis.NET. Percussion, Water Ambiences, Underwater, and Construction/Demolition are on sale!

Percussion: normally $60, on sale for $45
Water Ambiences: normally $30, on sale for $25
Underwater: normally $25, on sale for $20
Construction/Demolition: normally $45, on sale for $40

Check them out here: www.soundopolis.net

Maybe its the weather warming up here in the Mid-west of the US, but I'm feeling good, and I want to hook you all up with some great sound effects for cheap (cheap, cheap... spring... birds... get it... ba-dump, ching!).

And because we recently celebrated April Fools, Soundopolis Sound Effects released "Burps and Farts"! While we are not necessarily proud of this one, its quite a gas! This collection is only $5, and you get 53 burps, 27 farts, and 2 funny out-takes from a belch-recording session with owner David Fienup and his buddy Stavros Hollowell.

Check it out: www.soundopolis.net/BurpsAndFarts


Soundopolis has been hard at work on set as well. We finished "The Landlord", a $125,000+ budget feature in Michigan at the end of March, a couple of commercials for BP/Husky and Mercy Hospitals in Toledo, OH, and a documentary interview with 2-time Super Bowl Champion Markus Koch (Redskins) in Chelsea, MI. And just this weekend I finished writing music and sound designing a spoken word "walk" performance for friend and EMU Graduate Student, Nicholas Mourning, our third such collaboration.

So, what's in store for the Spring and Summer? Soundopolis just signed a contract to work on a feature film shooting in Michigan in July. We also have a couple of commercial shoots in May. In the meantime we're doing dialogue editing and sound design for a feature called "The Cabining," which we shot last fall in Boyne, MI. As if that's not enough, we are trying to plow through Prof. Andy Kirshner's pilot for his musical film, "Liberty's Secret". Soundopolis recorded sound on set in February, and is dialogue editing, Foley artist-ing (?), and mixing this pilot.

I have two sound effects collections in the works. Here's a few hints: one of them has added great stress relief to my life because I broke many... many objects... The other one was a mad-scientist-y exploration using various amplifiers and effects.

Thank you for being our friend!

David Fienup
Sound Designer, Owner
Soundopolis, LLC