Summer Newsletter 2013

It's been a pretty great summer! And it's been a LONG time since I gave an update...


I had issues in the past with having to manually approve orders. NO LONGER!!! As long as you have an account prior to placing your order it will be approved as soon as PayPal confirms payment. Your files will now be available immediately. Once you receive the automatic email, you can log in, head to the product page of the library you purchased, and click on the .zip "Commerce File(s)" to download. Or you can follow the links in the email, which should take you to a download page. You have 3 days to download, and you get 1 download of each file per order.

NEW LIBRARY - Gore Toolkit HD

I am happy to announce the release of my 9th library: Gore Toolkit HD

Gore Toolkit HD is comprised of two sections. First you get "Fresh Gore", a collection of 536 brand new sounds @ 96k/24bit. And I threw in a collection called "Fienup's Classic Gore" FOR FREE. That's another 262 sounds @ 48k/24bit. The "Classic" sounds are from earlier in my career, and I still use them in every project that calls for body damage. They are great remnants from B and even C horror films! BONUS!

Gore Toolkit HD includes punches, stabs, intestines, blood, bones, flesh, oozes, splats, snaps, squirts, whooshes, sawing, chopping, crunching, some brand new blade sounds, and so much more. I destroyed so much produce and a 40lb ham that there is probably a warrant out for my arrest! And I couldn't help myself, after splitting a coconut with a hatchet, to record the classic "coconut horse trot". Thought I'd throw that in for kicks.

You can hear a preview and check out a track list here:


Since the last update I have been busy doing production sound on commercials for British Petroleum, Mercy Hospitals in Toledo, OH, and Heritage Services; post-production on a short film called Foggy Relations, and a pilot for a political-satire-musical called Liberty's Secret; other various day shoots for UofM professors, The Ann Arbor T-shirt Company, doctors, yada yada; and production sound on a feature film called Papou.

I am currently booked to do production and post on TV pilots and feature films. Not sure what I'm allowed to say about them as I have signed several non-disclosure forms. I'm sure I'll have more to say in the Fall update.

It was a great summer and it's shaping up to be an incredible Fall, and an excellent year overall.

All the best in your sonic adventures!

David Fienup
Sound Designer, Owner
Soundopolis, LLC