Winter Newsletter 2013

So much has happened I didn't really get any news out there all fall. Soundopolis has been very busy working on feature film production sound, feature film post-production sound, reality TV production sound, TV Pilot post-production sound, and a NEW LIBRARY!

Ha! Can't tell you what it is yet, but I will say its very crunchy! Dave (yeah, me, I'm speaking in the third person because I've been working so hard on so many projects that I'm loopy as all get out!) has been hard at work recording and editing a new sound library. In fact he started recording it last January 2013, but got so bogged down with work and the Gore Toolkit HD library that he is just now getting back to finishing the other library up…

Boy, 2013 has been an incredible year!! To start I have been working with Robert Langley a LOT. Bobby is a lot like me: he does production and post-production sound for just about anything. He has a little more focus on music production than I do, at least currently - as I have a decent history of music production. Our many "skills and talents" compliment each other very well, and we can work many long hours together without biting each others heads off (a definite bonus). This year we did production sound for 3 feature films: Landlord, Papou, and Cawdor. We also both worked on the post-audio for two features: The Cabining and Fractured. We have also both been doing the production sound for a "currently web-based reality series, but most likely soon to be networked show" called "Detroit Rubber", which follows Rick, RO Spit, AZ, Jay John, and Devin, who own, run, and work at Burn Rubber, a Michigan rare/custom tennis shoe shop. The show is executive produced by Eminem and Paul Rosenberg. You can check out the webisodes here:

Also, the great and powerful David Lee at Lee Media Services has been helping me make the site more streamlined, load faster, and easier to handle orders, and most importantly: customers' needs. Please feel free to email me to let me know how I can make the site more interesting (and no, I won't do that by giving you more than 25 sounds for free…)

Anywho, I hope everyone has a great "rest of 2013", and a great start to 2014. New library should be ready in the next few weeks, so come back in early January 2014 to check it out!

David Fienup

Soundopolis, LLC
Email: "dave at soundopolis dot net"