FREE SFX 3! - Absolutely FREE!

FREE SFX 3! Contains sounds drawn from Soundopolis’ three collections:

Foley Plus –
Whoosh, Swoosh & Swing –
Icy Snow HD –

For the purpose of this free collection, all 96k sounds were converted to 48k. But hey, they’re free! If you like what you got for free, and want more, please visit their individual product pages and grab the full versions! You’ll be filling in your sound library AND supporting an independent sound engineer who is working hard to provide high-quality sound effects to the sound design community at reasonable prices.

This collection provides some new and interesting sounds, as well as a ton of variations so your soundtrack never gets old! All Soundopolis tracks include metadata tags so they are easy to find using any search engine. All tracks are delivered as 48k/24bit .wav files. Collections come in easily downloadable zip files.

By downloading this collection of free sound effects you are subject to the License Agreement Terms found here: