David Fienup

David Fienup is a production and post-production sound engineer for film, tv, and web applications, and has a background in music composition and production. David earned a Master of Arts from The University of Michigan (2009), ending with a thesis entitled: Motion Picture Sound Design: Sonic Motifs, Soundscapes and Synchresis. He focused his time at UofM on sound recording, electronic and electroacoustic music composition, audio for film, and GROCS - an interdisciplinary collaborative grant program. David has a BA from Albion College (2003) in music performance (classical guitar), where he focused his studies on music composition, improvisation, performance, and sound recording.

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The Studio

Soundopolis Studio, designed by owner David Fienup, is a 950 square foot facility, which includes a large sound design and mixing room, a 168 square foot Voice Over and Foley room, a lounge, and a restroom.  The relaxing atmosphere is great for long days recording voice over, or reviewing mixes.

Located in Ann Arbor, MI, the studio is just a short drive from Detroit, Lansing, and Toledo.


Soundopolis Studio Sound Design and Mixing Room

Sound Design and 5.1 Mixing Space


Soundopolis Studio Foley ADR and Voice Over Room

Voice Over, ADR and Foley room


Lounge & Bathroom

Lounge & Bathroom

Fienup built his own acoustic treatments for the studio, including 16 acoustic panels and two skyline diffusers.