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Soundopolis Studio is dedicated to high quality audio no matter the size of the project. Whether you just need some old recordings cleaned up, a voice over recorded for a web commercial, or you need a feature-length film sound edited and mixed from scratch – this is the place.

Our Royalty Free Sound Effects

I strive for high quality and a plethora of variation in each object or sonic event that I record. I am confident you will enjoy adding my sounds to your library. And please, let me know in which projects my sounds appear! - Owner, David Fienup

Royalty Free Science Fiction User Interface Sound Effects
Household Cloth Rip Royalty Free Sound Effects
Cloth Rip Royalty Free Sound Effects
Suburban Ambiences
Royalty Free Bowling Sound Effects
Impulse Response Library
Halloween, Gore, Horror, Royalty Free Sound Effects
FREE SFX 3! - Absolutely FREE!
Blades, Whooshes, Gore, Combat Sound Effects
Gore, Horror, Combat Slash, Stab, Punch, Royalty Free Sound Effects
Construction and Demolition Royalty Free Sound Effects